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This privacy policy applies to all children's educational games and learning applications. We at Shaman Machine do not offer products for purchase by children, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children. If you are under 13, you may use and access the Shaman Machine Offerings only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.



Safety of your child while using our software is of primary importance to us at Shaman Machine. 



◉ No in-app advertising.


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◉ No push notification.


◉ No network or phone access within app.


◉ No violence or adult content.


◉ No account information or metadata collection.



Best Beach Wallpapers

Dream Horses

Shark Attack Survival

Luxury Interior Design

Wedding Dresses 2014

Houses & Cottages

Download cool beach pictures and backgrounds. We have set best 1421 HD beach pictures for you. All these beach backgrounds are in different styles like seven mile beach, sunny beach, sunset at beach, tropical beach, palm beach, grace bay beach and so on.

Horses are uniquely connected to us. They are benevolent companions and guides to the beingness we have forgotten. The purpose of this app is to share the gifts that horses offer in images that evoke the wisdom our hearts remember.

Their size, power, and great, toothy jaws fill us with fear and fascination. And though sharks kill only a few people each year, media coverage and movie portrayals of attacks have marked sharks as voracious killing machines.

When you’re choosing a firm for luxury home interior design, your first decision will be your definition of “LUXURY”. Some define “LUXURY home interior design” as exquisite workmanship; others think of it as including fine antiques...

Welcome to Wedding Dresses 2014 - a bridal inspiration App for the stylish bride. We feature traditional and western wedding dresses from designers and fashion houses around the world, ideas for reception themes, favors, rings, accessories and other wedding-related information.

This is a collection of 2570 HOUSES & Cottages to see unique, highly detailed house plans by an invited panel of award-winning architects and designers from around the world, including rare historical plans.

Genuine Fractals

Tattoo +

Best Fantasy Wallpapers

GENUINE FRACTALS are astonishing, both emotionally and psychologically, and those intriguing shapes that are characterized by self-similarity and based on mathematics. These range from flashy to sublime, from energetic bursts to inward-moving mandala-like shapes.

Dogs, cats, birds, bees - we all have sex. And much like tattoos, the more we put in out there, the more people shed their inhibitions, become educated on the subject, and perhaps feel a little more alive, more human, in the process.

FANTASY WALLPAPERS are incredible.  Being able to flip on your iPad or iPhone, and seeing a powerful warrior, a beautiful princess, a fiery dragon, or a majestic castle is a great feeling. Why settle for a default, boring and blank wallpaper when you could be visually transported into a fantasy realm?

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